Xueli Miao

Paper presentation: Measurement of Gravitational Spin-Orbit Coupling in a Binary-Pulsar System

by I. H. Stairs, S. E. Thorsett, Z. Arzoumanian [arXiv:astro-ph/0408457]

Paper presentation: Radio emission from a pulsar’s magnetic pole revealed by general relativity

by Gregory Desvignes et al. [arXiv:1909.06212]

Paper presentation: Relativistic Spin Precession in the Double Pulsar

by Rene P. Breton et al. [arXiv:0807.2644]

Chang Liu

Literature reading: Preliminary study on parameter estimation accuracy of supermassive black hole binary inspirals for TianQin

by Wen-Fan Feng, Hai-Tian Wang, Xin-Chun Hu, Yi-Ming Hu, Yan Wang [arXiv:1901.02159]