Group Meeting

Chair: Dicong Liang (梁迪聪)

Group meeting provides a friendly environment to interact with group members or visiting scholars. It also brings the opportunity to broaden views in science, to learn different methods in solving problems, to strengthen the capability in scientifically sound presentations, even to develop close collaborations via inspiring discussions.

  • Our group meetings take place in the Room 208 at KIAA. To avoid conflicts with students’ classes, the time is fixed to Sundays 9:00—12:00.

  • It is suggested to speak English whenever there are foreigners in the audience. Otherwise it is suggested to talk in Chinese, but use English in slides.

Discussion on Research Topics

Chair: Hongbo Li (李洪波)

We have weekly discussion on research topics every Fridays 18:00—21:00 in the Room 208 at KIAA. The attendees are limited to graduates/postdocs who work on research projects in the group. Speakers are encouraged to use blackboard only!

Useful Tools

For new members in the group, it is highly advisable to learn the following basic tools. They will surely benefit the rest of your scientific life.