Jiayin Shen

Paper presentation: Teleparallel Gravity as Equivanlent Gauge Theory of General Relativity

references: M Fontanini et al. [arXiv:1811.03810], J. G. Pereira, Y. N. Obukhov. [arXiv:1906.06287]

Yacheng Kang

Literature reading: Gravitational Waves From Ultra Short Period Exoplanets

by J. V. Cunha, F. E. Silva, J. A. S. Lima [arXiv:1807.04877]

Zhi Xiao

Paper presentation: The CPT-violating effects on neutron’s gravitational bound state

by Zhi Xiao [arXiv:1906.00146]

Lijing Shao

Paper presentation: Constraints on millicharged dark matter and axion-like particles from timing of radio waves

by Andrea Caputo et al. [arXiv:1902.02695]