Minghao Guo

Interim report: Extended reduced-order surrogate models for scalar-tensor gravity in the strong field and applications to binary pulsars and gravitational waves

Reference: Junjie Zhao, et al. [PHYSICAL REVIEW D]

Chunjiang Li

Interim report: Track down and remove Radio Interferences for FAST

Reference: J.Akeret, et al. [Astronomy and Computing]

Lingqian Qiu

Interim report: Application of computer Science to gravitational wave data analysis

Reference: Heming Xia, et al. [arXiv]

Xinmiao Zhao

Interim report: Test the spacetime of Sgr A* with pulsars

Reference: K. Liu, et al. [The Astrophysical Journal]

Jingyuan Deng

Interim report: The Forced Precession of Pulsar

Reference: Bennett Link, et al. [The Astrophysical Journal]

Huimei Wang

Interim report: Neutron stars for undergraduates & Anisotropic Spheres in General Relativity

Reference: Richard R. Silbar and Sanjay Reddy. [American Journal of Physics]