Invited Talk

Enping Zhou: Threshold mass of prompt collapse for binary quark star mergers

Abstract Mergers of binary compact stars are probes for the equation of state (EoS) of cold dense matter in the multi-messenger astronomy era. In particular, if the total mass of the merging binary is higher than a threshold mass, which depends on the EoS of the compact star, a black hole is formed without any delay after the merger. In this prompt collapse case, both the gravitational wave and electro-magnetic counterparts will be significantly different from a delayed collapse case, hence providing robust information on the EoS. In this talk, I will introduce our efforts in modifying our numerical relativity code SACRA-MPI, which allows us to perform full GR-hydrodynamic simulations of binary quark star (which has a finite surface density) mergers for the first time, and the results on investigating the threshold mass of prompt collapse for quark stars.

Ref: Zhou et al. 2021 [arXiv]

Discussion on Research Topics

Dicong Liang: Frequency response of space-based interferometric gravitational-wave detectors

Ref: Liang et al. 2019 [arXiv]