• Discussion on Research Topics 09/10/2019

    Attendees Rui, Lijing, Chang, Yong, Junjie, Xueli Agenda Yong: Calculation of the tidal deformability in General Relativity References: Tanja Hinderer,...

  • Group Meeting 28/09/2019

    Xueli Miao Paper presentation: Measurement of Gravitational Spin-Orbit Coupling in a Binary-Pulsar System by I. H. Stairs, S. E. Thorsett,...

  • Discussion on Research Topics 25/09/2019

    Attendees Rui, Lijing, Chang, Yong, Junjie, Xueli Agenda Junjie: Applying Fisher information matrix in gravitational wave observation

  • Group Meeting 21/09/2019

    Junjie Zhao Paper presentation: Probing observational bounds on scalar-tensor theories from standard sirens by Rocco D’Agostino, Rafael C. Nunes [arXiv:1907.05516]...

  • Discussion on Research Topics 18/09/2019

    Attendees Rui, Lijing, Chang, Yong, Junjie, Xueli Agenda Chang: space-based GW detectors II (time-varying frequency signals)

  • Dr. Liang-Duan Liu's lunch talk 17/09/2019

    Liang-Duan Liu (Beijing Normal University) The Physics of Superluminous Supernovae Superluminous supernovae (SLSNe) is a type of stellar explosion with...

  • Group Meeting 14/09/2019

    Chang Liu Paper presentation: The construction and use of LISA sensitivity curves by Travis Robson, Neil J Cornish and Chang...

  • Discussion on Research Topics 11/09/2019

    Attendees Rui, Chang, Yong, Junjie, Xueli, Lijing Agenda Rui: SSS solution to a minimally coupled scalar field

  • Discussion on Research Topics 04/09/2019

    Attendees Rui, Chang, Junjie, Xueli Agenda Rui: Modified TOV equations and continuous waves

  • Discussion on Research Topics 28/08/2019

    Attendees Rui, Lijing, Yong, Junjie, Xueli Agenda Yong: tidal deformability